About Limburg Development and Investment Company (LIOF)

Limburg Development and Investment Company (LIOF) is the regional development and investment company that focuses on the promotion of the business climate in Limburg, south Netherlands. The Province of Limburg is the most southern province of the 12 Dutch provinces, situated at the borders with Belgium and Germany.


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Regional Strengths

Located between the main metropolitan areas of Europe—London, Randstad Holland and Brussels to the west and the German Rhine-Ruhr area to the east—Limburg provides direct access to consumer and business markets as well as a cross-border labor force. Limburg is the Dutch front line with Europe, home to powerful partners in cross-border cooperation from which all parties can reap the benefits. This international way of thinking and trading and playing with borders is part of Limburg's DNA. It is inherent in the history of the province and Limburg's place on the map.

Who's Here

Abbott Vascular, Arrow, Arvato Services, Boston Scientific, Bayer, Canon, Cimpress, DHL, Flextronics, H&M, Jabil, Kobelco, Medtronic, Mercedes-Benz CAC, Mitsubishi Motors, ModusLink, Pearl Music, Sabic Europe, Sappi, Sekisui, Stryker, UPS, Vodafone, Weir Minerals

サクセス ストーリー

"This location was chosen as it is within easy reach of European airports such as Brussels, Cologne and Liège." Hans Willems Vice President of Operations
Boston Scientific in Kerkrade




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