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‘I can't imagine a better place to serve as a European hub of operations'

Lux Research has come a long way since it was founded in Massachusetts in 2004 to help companies understand and evaluate opportunities in emerging technologies and emerging markets. Today, the company has 250 clients globally served by offices in Boston, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo, as well as staff in San Francisco.

When Lux decided it was time to expand internationally, it worked with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) to assist with its site selection needs. NFIA put the company in touch with local service providers and helped them navigate the opening of an office in Amsterdam.

“Amsterdam has proven to be a very smart choice for Lux Research,” said Chris Hartshorn, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer for the company. “It is in a really interesting position because it’s possible to serve the entirety of Europe and the Middle East from that one office. We have found talent capabilities and language skills that allow us to be very versatile. In contrast, we found that we had to open several offices in Asia due to language and cultural differences. It’s just not an issue for our Amsterdam office.”

Expanding on the pool of available talent, Hartshorn noted: “We relocated two employees when we first started up in Amsterdam and they are still there and loving it, but we quickly discovered that we could recruit and hire excellent talent from local universities. Even our clients see Amsterdam as a European center where the best minds in the business can come together.”

When asked if they would make the same choice again today, Dr. Hartshorn replied, “Absolutely…without hesitation. I can’t imagine a better place to serve as a European hub of operations. It is a very good environment for a startup company. The Netherlands is really an ideal location for U.S. companies that are considering international expansion.”

October 2014



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