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Celebrating more than 50 years of tasty innovation in Veghel

Mars, an international company with more than 65,000 employees worldwide, has its biggest factory in Veghel in Brabant. In fact, it’s the biggest chocolate factory in the world. Veghel is for Mars, both in Europe and globally, a top location, not just because of the volume it produces, but also because the innovations created in Veghel are appetizing.

When Mars opened its factory in Veghel in 1963, the company already had a European base in England. “The company was looking for a springboard to better serve the European market,” said Jack Tabbers, General Manager of Mars Nederland. “In Brabant there was space, there was the labor potential that Mars was looking for and the infrastructure was excellent. The conditions for business development in Veghel were fantastic and they still are. This is also partly due to the central position with respect to the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, the cocoa port of Amsterdam and the proximity of international airports.”

According to Tabbers, the success of Mars in Veghel is also largely thanks to its innovative staff. “They feel motivated to think of improvements and innovations, which often lead to worldwide application within Mars,” Tabbers said. “Our staff travels all over the world to help develop, for example, new production lines at other Mars factories.”

The Veghel facility, Tabbers added, also leads the way in the field of sustainability. “Our factory is the most energy-efficient factory. Sustainability is a common theme throughout our entire production chain. When we set up a new facility, Mars looks at the social aspects as well as the ecological and economic aspects.”

Source: BOM Foreign Investments, March 2013



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