UK Non-Profit Organizations Open Offices in Holland

Reputable international focus on peace and justice, strong community of NGOs, and efficient air and rail connections to Europe


Four British charity organizations have opened offices in the Netherlands ahead of the UK’s exit from the European Union. Support organization Euclid Network, human rights group Redress, peace-building organization International Alert and humanitarian supplies developer Field Ready have set up operations in the Hague, the international center for peace and justice.

According to the website Civil Society, the non-profit organizations chose to locate in The Hague because of its reputable international focus on peace and justice, strong community of NGOs, and efficient air and rail connections to Europe.

Strong international ecosystem

Euclid Director Stephen J. Barnett said his organization preferred The Hague over other potential European locations for several reasons, including the strong local focus on social enterprises, the ease of doing business in English, a good community of expats working for international NGOs and attainable staff costs.

The head of fundraising at International Alert, Debbie Ball, stressed the importance of being able to continue to access EU funding when having an office in Holland. She also praised The Hague’s helpful support services for setting up a new European office.

Epicenter for peace and justice

Ball said: ‘As a peacebuilding organization, we are attracted by The Hague’s focus on peace and justice and it seems like a natural home for us. We are also excited by the possibilities of new partnerships, especially given the city’s focus on supporting different organizations to come together to form diverse partnerships and foster innovation’.

Diplomatic, legal and academic community

Redress, which opened its offices in Holland in late 2016, said The Hague is a platform to extend their presence in Europe and globally. Redress is a member of the steering committee of the NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court, and their presence in The Hague will help to strengthen ties with NGO partners, court officials, and the diplomatic, legal and academic community. It will also help extend their work with the European Union’s Network of Contact Points on Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes, whose Secretariat is based in The Hague.

Rupert Skilbeck, director of Redress, said: ‘When we started thinking about establishing a base in Europe to maximize the global impact of our work seeking justice and reparation for torture survivors, we found that The Hague best exemplified that international outlook, and as an internationally-focused organization, it provided the perfect platform for us.’

Natural fit for global activities

The NGO International Alert opened an office in The Hague in late 2017. The new office is mainly being used for designing and coordinating projects all over the world.

Harriet Lamb, CEO of International Alert, said, “The city’s focus on peace and justice, and its history of support for innovation and diverse partnerships, makes it a natural fit for us as a global peacebuilding organization. As conflict rises across the world, we need now more than ever to redouble the efforts of all those who seek to build peace. We look forward to contributing our small part to the city’s amazing legacy.”

Aid organization Field Ready, which is based in the US, but has a substantial presence in Britain, has also opened an office in the Netherlands.

Source: Civil Society




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